Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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It is back to school time for everyone! Teachers, administrators, parents, and especially kids are full of emotions. While this school year looks different for everyone, it is especially harder for those living in unsafe homes.

Rhonda is currently living in the realm of the unknown. She is unemployed, caused by the massive layoffs during Covid-19. She is focused on her daughter going back to school, but Rhonda is suffering in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Leaving would seem like the easiest thing to do for most people, but how can you leave unprepared with a child, in a pandemic, when the savings have dried up? It’s hard to have time to plan critical decisions when you are stuck at home with your abuser, who is watching your every move.

She needed help, so she called The Center’s crisis line and connected with an advocate. Together, they talked though decisions that could help better Rhonda and her daughter’s current home life and their future. Rhonda now knows how to safety plan inside her own home, set boundaries, and practice de-escalating conversations.

Rhonda continues to see her advocate every week and even brings her daughter along. They meet at places like the park or library, providing her daughter with normalcy and avoiding suspicion from her abuser. With Mobile Advocacy services, our staff can meet clients wherever they are- physically and emotionally. They talk about goals and next steps like ways to save money, personal documents, or items to gather, and the right way to tell Rhonda’s family she needs help. Together they are preparing for the school year, working to stay safe and looking forward to a better future.