What to Expect

We provide a variety of residential and nonresidential services including emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling, and advocacy. If you or someone you love has experienced sexual assault or partner abuse at any point, please remember that help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our toll-free crisis line: 1-844-BE-SAFE-1.
When calling the crisis line, you will speak with a trained domestic violence and sexual assault advocate who will answer your questions, help you come up with a plan for you or your loved one’s safety, and provide you with options and resources.

  • You can choose to remain anonymous when you call our crisis line.
  • When you call, we will ask you if you are in a safe place to talk.
  • We will ask if you are familiar with The Center and the services we offer.
  • We will invite you to share your situation with us so that we can best provide for your needs and make referrals as needed.

Often, safe emergency shelter is a critical first step to a new beginning. The Center’s residential facilities provide a safe, temporary haven for survivors of violence–regardless of gender–and their dependent children. During the first few days, we provide comfortable beds, warm meals, clean clothes, crisis counseling, and safety planning. Everyone staying in emergency shelter is invited to work with an advocate on creating an individualized plan.

Our Counseling and Advocacy Center provides individual, family, and group counseling for survivors. Our advocates safety plan, educate, give resources, and offer supportive services related to intimate partner violence or sexual assault.

Our sexual assault services include sexual assault forensic exams (SAFE). A SAFE is typically a head to toe assessment, including a genital exam, to collect swabs and samples to preserve evidence of a sexual assault. Trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners or physicians perform the exams and can provide immediate medical care by treating injuries and offering information about sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. You can decline any portion of the exam you if you choose.

We have a specially equipped room at our Second Street location where individuals who have been sexually assaulted and do not have other medical issues may choose to undergo a SAFE. Our environment offers timely attention, care, privacy, and support that are often sacrificed in a busy emergency room. Regardless of whether you come to The Center for an exam or go to the emergency room, a trained advocate will be called to be a part of your care team. The advocate is there to accompany you during the exam if you wish, and to provide you with advocacy, support, and resources.

Learn more about all of your options and sexual assault forensic exams here.

We Will Not Ask Your Documentation Status

We will never ask for your citizenship or documentation status to seek services and we will always provide you with a interpreter free of charge. We know that domestic and sexual violence affects individuals regardless or race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientations or country of origin. We are ALWAYS here to help

Nunca pediremos su ciudadanía o documentación para buscar servicios y siempre le proporcionaremos un intérprete gratis. Sabemos que la violencia doméstica y sexual afecta a individuos sin importar raza, religión, identidad de género, orientación sexual o país de origen. Siempre estamos aquí para ayudar 1-844-237-2331.