new_khs_logo_2-color (1)For persons seeking shelter, we offer safe foster homes for pets through the Kentucky Humane Society’s ( KHS) Safe Haven program.  You can bring your cat or dog to shelter with you to stay at The Center in our pet room while arrangements are made with KHS.  After completing important paperwork that aids in placing the pet in the most suitable home, cats and dogs may be fostered in a home that meets KHS standards for up to 60 days. The KHS and The Center’s staff handle all of the arrangements; the client only needs to bring the pet to The Center. If after 60 days the client finds they are unable to secure a more permanent home for themselves and/or the pet, the KHS would also be able to put the pet up for adoption. While the pet is in the care of the KHS, they receive medical attention and are spayed/neutered. This support is free of charge.

Pets at The Center