Restaurant + Bar Training

The Center believes everyone has a role to play in preventing violence in our communities. Sexual violence is an epidemic – it may seem overwhelming, but there are things we can do to prevent it. Speaking out against abuse and harassment on social media, calling out sexist or violent jokes, learning to be an active bystander, and believing survivors when they disclose abuse are all things you can do that contribute to a safer, healthier community where violence is less likely to happen.

One of the ways we work to prevent sexual violence is by partnering with local businesses. Bar and restaurant owners are responsible for creating a safe environment for their patrons, and they truly have the power to set the tone within their establishment. The Center offers training to professionals on how to recognize and respond to potential harassment, sexual violence and intimate partner violence. The Center also offers bystander intervention training for bar/restaurant owners and staff to equips them with the skills to recognize potentially harmful behaviors, safely and effectively intervene, and create a culture within the establishment that doesn’t tolerate violence and abuse. To learn more or to request a training, contact