Do You Know Me?

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Do you remember the anxiety and excitement of those first days and weeks of the school year? Josh is heading to second grade and like most kids his age, he’s excited but also nervous about the new experience. There’s a big difference between Josh and his fellow classmates though. He is stuck asking hard questions like, ‘will my dad yell again?’ ‘Will my mommy be ok while I’m gone?’

Imagine starting your first day of school when your family life is in turmoil. On his first day, Josh arrives for class sleepy and unable to focus. The fighting went on all night between his mom and dad, and he was too afraid to sleep. Recently, the arguing has become more violent. Through the walls of his bedroom last night, Josh heard a loud crash and sounds of broken glass.

Unfortunately for Josh and the many children in his situation, he risks falling behind in class despite his mom doing her best to help him prepare for school. He can’t simply learn at school and play with friends, he is worried what will happen when he gets home.

When you donate to The Center for Women and Families, you help provide critical services that ease the impact of trauma and provide support for families experiencing violence. Children like Josh should be able to start the school year without worrying about their safety.