Shop Local to Stop Trafficking

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As we end National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month , we want you to know about local businesses that support survivors of sex trafficking and how your expenses might be connected to other forms of human trafficking around the world.

Here are some wonderful local businesses that you can support in Louisville who are serving survivors of sex trafficking:

Scarlet’s Bakery, founded in 2016,  sells delicious coffee, pastries, and sweets. Scarlet’s gives back to the community and addresses sex trafficking by hiring women who are survivors of mental, physical, and sexual exploitation.

Just Creations, founded in 1990, sells Fair Trade crafts and goods made by artisans from 45 countries around the world. Their mission is that the sale of their products “helps to provide a fair wage for the artisans and enables them to pay for food, education, health care, and housing.”

Anchal’s dyeScape project in Louisville is a “natural dye initiative that provides career opportunities in eco-friendly textile production to exploited women in Louisville” by hiring local residents to grow and manufacture their own dyes, avoiding harsh chemicals.

While The Center works specifically with survivors of sex trafficking, we also want the community to be aware of the prevalence of labor trafficking. Made in a Free World launched an online tool called How Many Slaves Work for You? to help people understand how the products they buy are connected to slavery around the world.