Shelter Program Keeps Pets Safe From Harm

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Woman with her dog, warm, happy photo

We’re celebrating Love Your Pet Day this week at The Center! We love pets, and we know many survivors seeking shelter have pets they love, too. Thanks to our partnership with the Kentucky Humane Society, we offer foster homes for four-legged family members through our Safe Haven program for dogs and cats. We’ve seen the look of relief on our clients’ faces, or heard it in their voices, when they learn they can bring their pets with them to the shelter.

Pets stay at The Center in our pet room while arrangements are made with KHS. After completing important paperwork that aids in placing the pet in the most suitable home, they may be fostered in a home that meets KHS standards for up to 60 days. The KHS and The Center’s staff handle all of the arrangements; the client only needs to bring the pet to The Center. Housing and care are provided free of charge.

We welcome and need your support to help ensure that we can continue to provide a safe place for pets to stay while survivors plan their next steps.

Visit our Safe Haven for pets page to learn more about the program, and please tap the link below to make a gift to The Center today.

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