What will be your impact this year?

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Each new year brings an opportunity for a fresh start, and many people use this time to set new goals, aspirations, or plans for the upcoming 12 months – often with the idea of creating some sort of change.

At The Center, we do the same kind of planning to ensure survivors can count on us for support when they face a critical turning point in their lives. And the “change” we always focus on is creating safer communities rooted in mutually respectful and loving relationships.

We can’t do it without you! There are many ways you can support our work as an #EverydayAdvocate, such as volunteering, donating necessary goods for survivors and their families, and sharing our potential lifesaving information on social media.

The nature of our work in supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence means that we have to be ready to face various challenges at any given time.

Having plenty of funds on hand to meet immediate needs is critical, whether it’s staffing our hotline, making sure the emergency shelter is safe and well equipped, or sending advocates to stand alongside survivors in hospitals and the courtroom during times of serious physical or emotional distress.

This could be the year you help us take on this important work! One of the ways you can make the biggest impact for The Center is by setting up automatic monthly donations that help us fund our programs, such as our 24/7 hotline, emergency shelter and housing, educational resources, and advocacy for survivors. No gift is too small! For example, just $25 covers safe overnight boarding for a survivor’s furry friend.

Just look for the option “Make this a monthly gift” as pictured below. Thanks for your support; we wish you a safe and happy 2022!