The Gift of Empowerment

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Last year after a violent incident with her partner, Cara and her two young children came to The Center for Women and Families. It happened right after Thanksgiving—a time that should be full of warm feelings and family togetherness. During her time in our shelter, she worked hard to get back on her feet, starting a new job and securing housing, but was unable to provide holiday gifts for her children while she was concentrating on repairing her finances.  Thanks to the gift cards provided by the community to our clients, she was able to go shopping for toys and clothing that she knew her children would love and create a normal holiday for her family.

Giving gift cards allows parents to purchase gifts the children need or want around the holidays but also gives them support year-around for living essentials.  Empowering domestic or sexual assault survivor by giving choices and control back might be the best gift to a survivor of all.

The Center prefers gift cards from retailers such as Meijer, Kroger, Target and Wal-Mart.  In addition to these retailers, The Center also welcomes Visa/MasterCard gift cards. For more information, contact 502-581-7207, or contact Laura Brock at

Drop-off locations:


 The Center for Women and Families
927 S. Second Street, Louisville KY

Or, mail to:
The Center for Women and Families

ATTN: Development Office
PO Box 2048
Louisville, KY 40201-2048
(Please include your name and mailing address with the cards.)