Will you be our friend?

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Working at The Center means that you find yourself in daily moments where you are both humbled and challenged to do more. One of our staff members recently shared the following story with us,

I had an interaction that has been on my mind. I was int eh cafeteria and found myself standing next to a little girl getting a refill on her juice. She smiled and I took a moment to introduce myself, ask her name, and how her day was going. She smiled a little bigger, shared her name, and after a brief pause she asked, ‘Will you be my friend?.’ This simple question has stuck with me from that moment on. It was such a simple and sincere question, and it reminded me just how important it is to have support systems around us, whether we are a child or an adult.


Here at The Center our advocates work hard to make sure that our clients and their children are provided shelter, support, and resources they need. Our Children’s Advocates work to provide trauma informed activities that are focused on creating spaces that encourage resiliency and connection. The Center works to make sure that our client’s children get the chance to attend schools that they attended before entering shelter, to maintain as much normalcy as possible. Many times I take for granted all of the work that happens here to ensure that children like that little girl are supported during some of the challenging times of their life.

We would like to challenge you in the same way our staff are challenged, each and every day and simply ask, “Will you be our friend?” With supporters like you we can keep our services 100% free for families every day of the year.