Marta Miranda-Straub Announces Retirement

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Marta Miranda-Straub, President & CEO of
The Center for Women & Families Announces Retirement

LOUISVILLE, KY  October 16, 2017

The Center for Women and Families’ President and Chief Empowerment Officer, Marta M. Miranda-Straub, announces her intended retirement effective, Spring 2018.

The Center has been proud to have Marta as its leader since 2011, during which time she has seen The Center through a catastrophic facilities crisis and major remodel, growth of the Center’s operations and completion of a highly successful Capital Campaign.   Marta has pledged her continued support of The Center and will assist the incoming President/CEO and the Board of Directors as needed as she expects to remain in the Louisville Community that she has grown to love even after her retirement from The Center.

According to Miranda-Straub,“Working in the community with innovative non-profit partners, generous donors/ foundations and government leaders has truly been an exceptionally heart filled experience. My only regret is that I did not move here sooner. The role of President and Chief Empowerment Officer for the Center for Women and Families has allowed me to carry the flag for a crucial pillar of Kentuckiana non-profits.” She also stated that “Working alongside our courageous staff and dedicated board members we have been able to ensure sustainability, engage in best practices, and make a bold commitment to violence prevention applying a public health and public safety model. This role is the crowning jewel of my 43 year career in gender justice/trauma/healing work.  I move forward towards my retirement from this work with a full heart and much gratitude. 1,000 Gracias, 1,000 thanks, for your support of The Center, Marta.” 

Ann Bauer, CWF Board Chair, Vice-President of Republic Bank
We are pleased to have our search committee in place. The search committee for Marta’s successor is being led by a succession planning committee formed from The Center’s Board of Directors and a CWF staff representative. During the transition, Marta and the entire Center for Women and Families team will continue their hard work in the months ahead to advance the work to address the trauma of survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault and their children, and continue their commitment to violence prevention in our community as we search for her successor.

Toni Clem, CWF Advisory Board Member: Scopppechio, President/CRO
“Today, we say Godspeed and thank you to the ultimate servant leader, Marta Miranda.  Through her passion and selfless dedication, Marta brought a new spirit to the CWF that benefited our community and everyone that had the privilege to work with her. She can never be replaced, only followed.  The inspiration that she provided through her never-ending commitment to help and rebuild lives will carry on! We will miss you Marta.”

Jennifer Hancock, LCSW, President/CEO Volunteers of America Mid-States
“Volunteers of America enjoys a strong partnership with the Center for Women and Families and applauds the Board and CWF leadership for crafting a thoughtful succession plan.  Marta’s contributions during a time of unexpected challenges have been many and the next leader will undoubtedly inherit an organization that has been restored. My colleagues and I at VOA stand ready to support this key community organization and its team throughout the transition.”

Terry Brooks, President/CEO Kentucky Youth Advocates
“Marta Miranda-Straub is that most unique of leaders.  She applies spirit and head, head and hand to all she tackles around the vital mission of The Center for Women and Families.  She is a catalyst.  She is an inspiration.  She shows every day how spunk, persistence and courage can literally change lives in the smallest and largest of ways. Marta is a hero from whom this community can draw lessons and inspiration. The Center with Marta’s leadership has increased strategic community partnerships that work collaboratively to create healthy families and communities. We are proud to be a partner in these efforts and look forward to working with the incoming President/CEO.”

The J and L Foundation – Donald Vish, Executive Director and Board Member
‘The J and L Foundation and its founding patrons, Dr. Joan E Thomas, MD and Lee B Thomas, Jr. have been pleased to support the work of the Center for Women and Families for more than 25 years. Under the leadership of Marta Miranda-Straub and with the support of the board of directors, the Center has made a bold commitment to engage in violence prevention,  in addition to continuing its mission of being a refuge and a source of empowerment for those impacted by intimate partner violence and sexual assault in our community. Creating safe homes and thriving families and communities that are free of violence honors the lives is the core of the work of our founding patrons.”

Pam Darnall, President and CEO – Family and Childrens’ Place
“Marta has been – and even in retirement will likely remain—a committed voice and force for good in Louisville,” said Pam Darnall, president and CEO of child abuse prevention and treatment agency Family & Children’s Place. “For women, for children, for building community by ensuring strong families. She throws every bit of herself into every challenge she tackles and surrounds herself with the right people to help create collaborative solutions. Marta is not only a wonderful colleague but a dear friend. We’re very proud of the work we’ve been able to do with Marta and The Center for Women and Families.”