Purple Purse Challenge


FLASH CHALLENGE – April 17-24, 2018

Join Our Team to Support The Center in Southern Indiana!
The Allstate Foundation has offered us the opportunity to participate in a Purple Purse Flash Fundraiser for the week of April 17-24. We have decided to raise funds for our Southern Indiana Campus Shelter this week. Our goal is $10,000 in a week and we need your help! We are asking you to join our team. It’s easy…just set up a fundraising page now and on April 17 start asking your co-workers, friends and family to donate to The Center’s Southern Indiana Campus. To register or donate see the easy instructions below.

Everything goes live on Tuesday, April 17 at 12 p.m. ET and ends Tuesday, April 24 at 1:59:59 p.m. ET.

The Flash Fundraiser is an incredible opportunity for us and we appreciate your help in making it successful. If you have questions, contact Kara Brown at kara.brown@cwfempower.org

You can help with the Purple Purse!

1: Donate

Visit our Purple Purse Page and click on donate.  Your gift can help us win cash prize money from The Allstate Foundation.

2: Join our Team

Visit our Purple Purse Page and click on Fundraise for this community partner.  Set up your Purple Purse page and ask your circle of friends and family to donate.

3: Share

Follow The Center on FacebookTwitter and Instagram at @thecenteronline.  Like and share our posts.


Sometimes it is easy to think that a $25 gift doesn’t make a difference, but here is what donors have done for The Center for Women and Families with their gifts:

  • Underwritten the cost of our emergency shelter for 1 MONTH to keep families safe
  • Provided enough funding to pay for our round-the-clock- crisis response for 5 DAYS
  • Underwritten the cost of meals for those in shelter for 1 MONTH

The focus for the Allstate Foundation is supporting financial abuse in domestic violence situations. The main reason people don’t leave abusive relationships is finances. The foundation helps organizations raise money to address the issue at the local level all across the country.