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Do you know how your relationships are affecting your risk for HIV?

Do you feel like you are in a relationship that is unsafe?

Your relationship can affect your status. Women in unsafe relationships are at a greater risk of an HIV diagnosis.


Take charge of your life and know your risk for HIV.
Get tested today.

Did you know...

  • • Intimate partner violence (also known as domestic violence) against women remains a serious public health issue that can have a negative impact on women's health in the United States.1
    • Violence against women affects approximately 1 in 3 women and is more common among minority women.2
  • • HIV is also a serious health concern for women.3
    • Minority women including Black/African American and Hispanic/Latina women have higher than average HIV infection rates.4,5
  • • Violence and HIV risk are related: Women who experience violence are more likely to have HIV.6
  • • Louisville has been experiencing an increase in domestic violence (DV). Sexual violence (SV) is more prevalent in Kentucky than the national average.

We're Here to Help

The Center for Women and Families, the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation and Volunteers of America Friends Inspiring Testing (VOAFIT), have launched a project to provide free HIV testing and intimate partner violence education to our community. Our goal is to ensure those experiencing violence are aware of their higher risk of contracting HIV. We want to encourage everyone in the community to take charge of their lives by making their health and the health of our community top priorities.
Learn more about HIV testing here.

Testing Sites

The Center for Women and Families
Joan E. Thomas, M.D. Campus (Open 24-Hours)
927 South 2nd Street, Louisville
502-581-7200 (business line)
502-581-7222 (24-hour crisis line)
Volunteers of America Mid-States
933 Goss Avenue
Louisville, KY 40217
(502) 636-0771